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Meeting A Strange Dog

Meeting a strange dog might seem like a topic that doesn’t need much discussion, because depending on where you live you might see any number of strange dogs in a week. If you’re a dog person, you’ll try and pet them. Depending on how aware you are of stranger etiquette, you may or not get bit for your troubles.

Have you ever gone to pet a dog that seemed perfectly friendly, only to almost get your hand bit off when your hand gets close? Many people have, and most of the time those people label the dog as “mean”, “aggressive”, “scary”, etc. What people don’t seem to understand is a lot of the time it’s their own fault the dog tried (or succeeded) to bite them.

Now a lot of people who have had this happen are thinking about not reading this article, because the author is an idiot. No one likes being told the blame is theirs, not the dog’s. Don’t stop reading, though. I’ll tell you why it’s often the person’s fault.

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Vaccination Records and Traveling Requirements for Pets

When you work for a company that does grooming, you meet and talk to people who are often from out of state. These people sometimes call in for appointments for baths or hair cuts, and get mad when we tell them that we need to see proof of rabies information before we can do anything with their pet. The most common response we get to that statement is anger and annoyance.

The gist is, how dare we ask for proof that their pets are responsibly vaccinated against disease before we put them in an area that has a high pet traffic volume. They are out of town, and just wanted to get their dogs bathed.

As a grooming salon that is run by a corporate company, Petco requires proof of Rabies vaccination before taking a dog into the back areas of their salons.

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Communication! It’s the most important thing you can participate in with your dog.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your friendly canine as you go about your day. Tell them about your successes and worries, your high points and low points. It will make you feel better, really.

Listen to them when they tell you something, such as they don’t feel well, or they really want their favorite toy that slipped under the couch. Let them remind you that it’s dinner time when you’re absorbed in a book, or watching your favorite television show. Read the rest of this entry

Pure Bred to Mutt: A Change

Over the last few decades, and in particular the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion about the differences between the pure bred dogs and the mutts, which have usually been shunned from official circles. Some of this has been behavioral differences, and some are just physical differences, which can also include health problems, such as hip dysplasia, which is a common problem in many larger pure-bred dogs.

The pure bred dog generally has specific, predictable breeding quality. There are guidelines from the American Kennel Club, among others, that determine the qualities needed for papered dogs that can be shown in official circles. There are certain qualities that particular breeds are expected to have, and some of those qualities are mainstream enough that a person can determine from how a mutt walks what genes from what breed they have (For example, the German Shepherd walk) .

Owning a pure bred dog used to be, and in many ways still is, the goal of dog owners around the world. In old times, owning a pure bred dog was considered a sign of wealth and high status.

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A Trusting Relationship

An owner’s bond with their dog is one of the most amazing things to see.

The bond is subtle, and quiet, but you can see it between owner and dog when you look at them interacting with one another, when you see them reacting to each other in every environment.

For the dog, when their owner is a true companion, they have trust in their owner’s reactions and judgment. You can see that trust in how they come when called, running with a tail wagging and excitement in their step toward you. They respond to their owner more than others, though a dog with a well established relationship to humans in general will respond to everyone with some degree.

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