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Essential Oils: Lavender

For dogs with anxiety, using lavender essential oils can be a great tool to use.

Historically, lavender has been used in humans worldwide for a large variety of things. Some of these things include bug repellent, acne relief, pain relief, respiratory issues, sleep, calming the nervous system, hair care, increasing circulation, boosting digestion, and a whole lot more.

For Sasha, I use lavender oil in conjunction with others to promote calmness and peace. I mostly choose to diffuse essential oils in the rooms that she spends the most time in, because it is the most non-confrontational way to use my oils, and it’s beneficial for everyone in the house. Read the rest of this entry

Essential Oils For Dogs

So my Sasha is now 12 years old. Once upon a time, nothing bothered her. Not thunderstorms, not fireworks, not trucks and buses making their exhaust sounds, not anything. Now, however, and over the last couple of years, her anxiety has slowly climbed up to the point where thunderstorms give her mild panic attacks. Not fun for anybody.

I briefly considered medication, but ultimately decided that as a 12 year old dog who is already on a bucketload of herbal and medicinal supplements, Sasha might benefit from a more natural remedy for her anxiety.

Cue internet research. I ultimately decided to use essential oils, as essential oils have been used worldwide for thousands of years for a variety of ailments or enhancements. There are hundreds of essential oils derived from plants all over the world, so essential oils is a big undertaking, and I decided to do it in baby steps. Read the rest of this entry