The Mutt Squad was originally founded as an LLC, and was created to bring happiness and well-being to all animals, and through doing that, to bring happiness and well-being to their owners.

The original purpose of this company was to provide pet sitting and dog walking services to the Phoenix, AZ valley. It was founded in March of 2011 by the owner out of a desire to help people with their pets when they were busy or out of town.

As of November 2012, this website was turned into an educational blog for people to benefit from about a range of topics, all pertaining to animals. It is used for online education only, we no longer provide pet services, and are no longer based out of Phoenix AZ.

About the Owner

Morgan Clemens attended Northern Arizona University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a minor in Biology. She’s passionate about animals of all kinds, and currently lives with two cats. Over her lifetime, she has lived with a total of six dogs, two hamsters, a rabbit, two guinea pigs, two ferrets, three cats, a frog, and various fish.

Morgan has been studying animal behavior for her entire life, both inside and outside of school. She has experience with both her own animals and others she has met in her daily travels, including working at pet stores and grooming salons, volunteering at animal shelters, and spending time at dog parks.

Her passion is and always has been the proper treatment of all animals, both wild and domestic. According to her, this proper treatment includes both mental and physical health, and is a necessary part of owning or interacting with any animal.